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Bioinformatics students, PostDocs and scientists

  1. Administration of our local installation of databases and bioinformatics/data analysis software tools
  2. Responsible for developing sequence analysis tools and processes including de novo or reference sequence based sequence assembly, digital gene expression, comparative genomics, and other functional genomics applications. Experience with 454 and/or Solexa sequence data analysis is a plus.
  3. Identify and develop software tools for efficient integrating and mining diverse types of biological data, such as those in functional genomics.
  4. Enhancing existing and rapid developing new software tools for querying, reporting, and visualizing large amounts of data
  5. Development and implementation of relational database schemes
  6. Managing the acquisition, storage and exchange of data from external collaborators, public sources, and CAS internal sources with clear understanding and compliance with various scientific, legal and security requirements
  7. Work very closely with experimentalists to trouble-shoot genome data collection
  8. Any other job/work assigned.


  1. Background in IT or biology related field with some experience in large scale data management or bioinformatics.
  2. Strong interest and innovative ability to develop tools for helping scientists solving biological problems.
  3. Very comfortable in working in both Linux/Unix and Windows environment, fluent in shell scripting, SQL, Perl, Java, or C/C# programming languages.
  4. Experience with common bioinformatics tool packages or bioinformatics tool development is also strongly preferred.
  5. Interpersonal and communication skills to work on collaborative projects within and across teams in a highly productive matrix environment.

Applicants please send resume to Life@HUST provides an oustanding research and supporting environment.





  1. 生物信息学,计算机,分子生物学,数学或者物理博士,硕士学历或者具有两年以上工作经验的本科学历,从事生命科学领域工作并具有编程和生物信息学工作经验者,或具有统计学背景的,优先考虑。
  2. 能够熟练使用C ,C++ 等语言编程,以及脚本编辑语言如 PERL, Python。能够在Linux系统中工作并会一 定数据库操作如mySQL。熟悉bioperl等生物信息学相关开放源代码工具,具有较强解决实际问题的能力。熟练掌握统计学软件如R等,优先考虑。
  3. 有大规模DNA序列分析经验者优先。
  4. 具备一定的英语听、说、读、写水平。


  1. 生物信息学程序开发,帮助维护服务器,数据存储和备份等管理工作。